Alessandro, Visual Marketing Manager for Pulse Light Clinic

In March we had a high increase in enquiries but our consultations were not matching, the moment we started the online bookings with the consultations just went through the roof. It has literally changed so much. This online booking system is working so well as it is an instant online thing. The functionality is perfect there is nothing to change.

My favourite feature is absolutely the reporting feature which is great to understand what happened during the whole week of the consultations, the online booking is also a great feature for us and it has been helping us out a lot. Also the automation tree has been very important to develop our system.

The number one feature for me absolutely is reporting because working with the marketing team this is essential to understand what is going on inside the system and also all the treatments. Well I can say that since working with our consultations has boosted about 4 x in our online booking consultation system. In fact for our clients it is much easier to book an instant consultation than waiting for a call back from us.

The support department is very great and incredible. All the people over there are always happy to help us in everything that we need. The ability to customise the system for the team has been amazing for us because they have done whatever needed to be done inside the platform. It’s very important for us to have a flexible system. Of course if we had a friend who would like to start a business like ours I would definitely recommend